Detox Trio


Medi-Clay + Premier Greens + Premier Cleanse offer exquisite botanical, whole body cleansing.



Your body is amazing! In addition to processing nutrients every time you eat, your body is naturally always on a ‘seek and destroy’ mission to clear toxins to keep you healthy. Your body is an elegant, internal micro-universe composed of many sophisticated, inter-coordinating systems, all designed to keep your health in balance.

Unfortunately, today’s environment exposes your body to a variety of toxins and pollutants. To keep your body’s biological engines humming in tip top shape, a wise choice is to assist its daily detoxification processes with premier quality nutrients. Regular use of a targeted premier detoxification botanical formula is highly recommended to provide whole body detox support.

The Premier Greens, Premier Cleanse and Premier Medi-Clay Detox Trio work together for whole body detoxification.

Separately, the products in the Detox Trio cost $105, but bundled you get all three for $89.


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