Nucleo Immune 60Vcaps, Premier Research Labs


Nucleo Immune™ promotes protein synthesis, cellular vitality, beneficial intestinal flora and helps boost energy levels. This product features two key blends. The first blend, Nucleo-Pro™, provides unmatched quality nucleotides (the basis for all cellular structure) for cellular rejuvenation and immune support. The second blend, Nucleo-Pro Matrix™ is included for optimal effect.


Premier Nucleo Immune

Cellular Rejuvenation, DNA Repair and Increased Energy*

  • A proprietary formula of nucleotide concentrate (highly bioavalable nano-protein RNA and DNA factors) with their essential phytonutrient synergists and co-factors
  • Promotes rapid cellular rejuvenation, in-creased vitality, healthy immune system, protein support and DNA repair*
  • 100% solvent-free vegetable capsules No toxic tablets or gelatin caps
  • Excipient-Free: No binders, fillers, glues or other toxic tagalongs as found in tablets and gelatin capsules*
  • The Premier Nutrition Effect: When premier nutrients (exquisitely well-grown, free of toxic tagalongs) are combined together,
    their effect is far greater than the sum of their individual benefits by a factor of 2 to 100-fold or more.

Premier Nucleo Immune is the first “nano-protein” delivery system devised to promote an instantaneous immune boost and increased vitality. Although nucleotides are also found in literally all protein-rich foods, they are not very biologically available. Premier Nucleotides is rich in nucleotides (which are nucleic acids derived from Saccharomyces boulardii) that have been purified, concentrated and specially processed to be highly biologically available. In addition, critical synergists, cofactors and essential transporters are all present to assure rapid uptake and utilization as well as efficient detoxification during the cellular repair process.

During the cold and winter season, when you are feeling low, nothing strengthens the immune response and picks up your energy like Premier Nucleotides.

Benefits of Nucleo Immune
Dramatic Swiss research has shown that oral nucleotides can help:

  • Boost your immune system*
  • Improve circulation*
  • Stimulate the brain’s memory neurotransmitters*
  • Increase energy*
  • Slow the aging process*
  • Supports normal T-cell manufacture*
  • Promote new skin cell growth and rejuvenation*
  • Promotes neutralization of internal toxins*

Nucleo Immune are tiny building blocks of RNA and DNA, which are the blueprints for every cell in your body. Each of your trillion plus cells contains 6 billion nucleotides. These building blocks are stored in a very limited quantity in your liver. Trauma, surgery, immune challenges and other stresses can rapidly deplete the body’s stores of nucleotides. When depleted, rebuilding critical supplies of nucleotides to meet the body’s demands can take several days, if not weeks.

Nucleo Immune are fundamental nutrients like minerals which must be supplied from outside the body. They are found most abundantly in human breast milk. No other mammal has nearly
the concentration that is found in human breast milk. Nucleotides in breast milk are essential to a baby’s developing immune system. When breastfeeding isn’t possible, a nucleotide-enriched formula is recommended. For young, healthy people, getting enough nucleotides from food may be possible, but as we grow older, this pathway becomes less efficient and our ability to absorb nucleotides decreases. Therefore, nucleotides in supplement form can provide an excellent solution.

Winning the Battle During the Cold & Winter Season
Research shows that nucleotides can provide significant support during the cold season. In research trials, nearly all patients reported positive benefits while taking nucleotides for cold season concerns including stresses related to sinus, ears, head pain, body temperature, mouth & throat, glands and muscle aches.

During immune challenges, if an extra source of nucleotides is available, billions of sturdy, fresh nucleotides can be absorbed by the cell to help fight back and put an end to immune stress.

Healing the Skin and More
The benefits don’t stop with boosting the immune system. Nucleo Immune can stimulate cellular growth and rejuvenation, including the skin. Even skin elasticity can be improved and skin wrinkling can be diminished by the use of nucleotides.

Strengthening the Immune System
Nutritional requirements are increased for the young and for people with weak immune systems. For many people whose immune systems are stressed, adding supplemental nucleotides to their diets may be just what they need to get back on the road to vitality.

Improved Circulation and Memory
Research shows nucleotides may improve circulation and peripheral nerve function. Enhanced RNA synthesis by nucleotides has been linked to increased energy levels and more efficient neutralization of internal toxins. Since nucleotides are capable of boosting the immune response, they may have many other far-reaching implications for helping those with a wide variety of other health concerns.

As people grow older, their immune systems often do not work as efficiently as they once did. Elderly people are more susceptible to immune concerns. Studies show that nucleotides can help boost the immune efficiency and function in older people and they may help patients with memory concerns according to D. Ewen Cameron of McGill University in Montreal. Nucleotides may help stimulate the synthesis of the brain’s memory neurotransmitters.

The Astronaut Boost
Astronauts returning from extended visits to space are prone to many physical challenges, including immune system stress, bone and muscle exhaustion. In a NASA-funded research project conducted by Dr. Anil Kulkarni at University of Texas Medical School in Houston, nucleotides are being added to supplement the diet of astronauts. His medical assistant, Nathan Hales, says, “It’s becoming of greater importance to NASA, as they project long-term 3-year missions to Mars, that we figure out a way to maintain the immune systems of astronauts and keep them healthy while they’re out there.”

A Longer, Fuller Life
Nucleotides may help us live longer, fuller lives according to the late English physician Max Oden. Nucleotides are now being used in infant formulas and in food supplements throughout Europe and even for astronauts to prevent immune stress, exhaustion and bone and muscle concerns.
Nucleotides have also been shown to enhance intestinal immune response as well as liver function. Studies also have shown nucleotide supplementation can help improve T-cell-dependent humoral immune responses, further supporting the importance of supplemental nucleotides.

Add Premier Nucleotides to your daily regimen for the best health and vitality.*

Supplement Facts:
Serving Size: 1 capsule
Servings per container: 60
Ingredients (60 Vcaps per bottle).
Each 500 mg. vegetable capsule provides:
Proprietary, Premier-State Formula: Natural-Source Nucelotide Concentrate (nucleic acids derived from Saccharomyces boulardii), Grade A Japanese Chlorella (Chlorella pyrenoidosa), Unheated, Nonirradiated Atlantic Kelp (Ascophyllum nod.), Grade 10 Indian Noni (Morinda cit.), Grade 10 Indian Turmeric (rhizome) (Curcuma longa), Lycopene (from S. American, nonhybrid tomato), Bitter Orange (fruit) (Citrus aurantium), European Beta-Sitosterol, Central American Nopal Cactus (Opuntia ficus indica), Bitter Melon (fruit) (Momordica char.), Thyme Leaf (Thymus vulg.), Dandelion Root (Taraxacum off.), Pacific Yew Needle (Taxus brev.), Chinese Hericium erinaceus (whole and FME), Self Heal (leaf) (Prunella vulg.), Guar Gum (resin), Highly Purified Plant Enzymes (Protease, Lipase, Amylase, Cellulase, Invertase, Lactase, Maltase )

Recommended Use: Adults or children (age 4 & up): Take 1 capsule, 2 times daily. During the cold season, at onset, take 1 serving per 1/2 hour, up to 20 servings daily for 3 days (1 serving = 1 capsule).

*Disclaimer: The FDA has not evaluated any of these statements. Practice at your own risk and gain. Please seek immediate medical care for any urgent trauma. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.