Premier Olive Leaf Immune – 60 capsules




You want to boost your immunity and stay healthy‚ but what can you do‚ beyond maintain a balanced diet? Olive leaf extract has been used for centuries in Europe and the Middle East. It may boost your immune system because it’s been shown to contain two powerful anti-infection agents: oleuropein and calcium elenolate. These ingredients work in conjunction with phytochemicals to destroy viruses‚ fungi‚ bacteria‚ and disease-causing parasites by blocking the invaders’ ability to reproduce. Most beneficially‚ olive leaf extract doesn’t harm the ‘good’ bacteria in your body.

In addition to its impressive germ-killing powers‚ this nontoxic extract may also promote cardiovascular health. Its antibacterial properties may also help your skin look and feel better‚ by alleviating conditions such as athlete’s foot‚ nail fungus‚ and minor infections.

Quantum Oleuropein by Premier Research Labs contains olive leaf extract that has grown in the pollution- and pesticide-free Italian countryside. The renowned formula comes from European non-hybrid olive trees. Each vegan capsule provides 225 milligrams of olive leaf extract‚ and contains no allergens‚ fillers‚ or preservatives.

Each bottle of Quantum Oleuropein contains 60 vegetarian capsules‚ which should last between 20 and 30 days if you take the recommended dosage of one capsule‚ three times daily.


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