Propolis Complex 60Vcaps, Premier


Premier Propolis Complex
Whole Body Defense, Especially Immune System, Thymus and Skin*

Key Benefits
Comprehensive immune-boosting, antioxidant formula for great energy, unmatched immune protection and defense*
A natural thymus stimulant*
Contains over 500 different, immune-boosting bioflavonoids*
Supports the body’s immune-active processes, especially skin, including stubborn cases*
Pesticide-free, heavy metal-free
Clinically proven, truly synergistic formula that delivers the Premier Nutrition Effect



What is Propolis?
Mighty little worker bees from bee hives trek out into fields to collect nutritious, resinous substances from leaf buds, twigs and tree bark, then carry them back to the hive. Next, they process them with their enzymes to create a dark, sticky, highly nutritious resin called propolis, often referred to as “bee’s glue.” Propolis contains approximately 55% resins and balsams, 30% bee’s wax, 10% etheric oils and 5% pollen, all highly nutritious. Propolis is derived from the Greek word, “pro,” meaning “in defense of” and “polis,” meaning “city.” Together, the meaning, “in defense of the city,” refers to the defense of the bee hive.

The main use of propolis by bees is to protect their hive from disease and to ward off outside invaders, such as ants. The bees coat every inch of the outside walls of their honeycombs with a thin layer of propolis to sterilize the comb, thus keeping the hive free of infection. Although the hive is an enclosed, moist environment, a natural breeding ground for infection, the propolis keeps the hive clear of bacteria, mold and mildew. The bees also use propolis to seal holes and gaps to prevent cold and rain from entering the hive.

What’s In Propolis?
Analysis of propolis shows that it contains at least 150 complex compounds, including many different bioflavonoids known for their strong, broad-spectrum, anti-infective properties. Propolis also contains a small of amount of a whole array of natural vitamins, including vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, D, E, H, P, folic acid, nicotinic acid as well as many macro and trace minerals, including calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, zinc, manganese, silicon, cobalt, vanadium and strontium.

Propolis contains an abundance of highly active phytonutrients, such as dihydroflavonoids, which aid the body in absorbing vitamin C. Phenolic compounds, including many flavonoids, have been found in propolis, including CAPE (caffeic acid phenethyl ester), Propolin C, galangin, kaempferol, quercetin, pinocembrin, pinostrobin and pinobanksin. Other phenolics identified include quinic acid, ferulic acid, caffeic acid, cinnamic alcohol, cinnamic acid and vanillin.

Supplement Facts:
Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings Per Container: 60
Over 500 Bioflavonoids, guaranteed min.:
Proprietary synergistic blend..200mg
Proprietary Blend: Marine Coral Concentrate, stabilized rice bran, Noni fruit & Seed, Multi-Pollen Extract, Beta-Sitosterol and Sterolins, Protease, Lipase, Amylase, Cellulase, Invertase, Lactase, Maltase.

Other Ingredients: Vegetable cellulose Capsule.

Recommended Use.
Adults or Children (age 4 and up): Take 1 capsule, 3 times daily. For special programs recommended by your practitioner, up to 12 individual servings may be taken daily.
Not Recommended for people with and allergy to Tree Resin.

*Disclaimer: The FDA has not evaluated any of these statements. Practice at your own risk and gain. Please seek immediate medical care for any urgent trauma. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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