Restore Trio


Coral Legend + D3 + Aloe Pro



Without regular intake of highly bio-available minerals, maintaining an ideal alkaline pH is impossible. The most preferred source of alkalizing minerals in the world is Sango marine coral minerals: the key to perfect pH. Mix the coral mineral powder with inner leaf aloe powder or liquid for spectacular uptake, supporting superior whole body health. Combine with natural source Vitamin D3 to assist in the utilization of calcium.

To achieve optimal health you must first restore an ideal alkaline pH, 6.4 – 7.O (as reflected by a first morning pH). If your pH is below 6.4 when tested with pH paper, use the Restore Trio for 1 to 2 months until your pH stays in the 6.4 to 7.0 range.

Separately, the products in the Restore Trio cost $66, but bundled you get all three for $57.


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